A Professional Email

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While a student at most of your writing will involve literature reviews you will be writing term papers for courses in which you’ll be reviewing social science literature in various types of assignments you might also have the opportunity to write a research report particularly in your later years and and the research methods were integrating project course or if you decide to do and are eligible to do an honors thesis you might write a research report okay let’s move on to the next topic of the outline which is professional email professional email is a form of professional communication you’ll be using it quite a bit you work at  you’ll be using  email to web CT and through my campus you probably already use it in various capacities perhaps even for work. Find out more about different forms of professional writing on Edusson.

Perhaps you’re emailing colleagues at work or supervisors or customers a very common form of communication and it’s very important to learn how to to use email professionally and to communicate professionally through email okay so the various purposes of professional email all mentioned several one is to get information a second is to make requests the third is to provide information a fourth is to make conversation which may be important if you’re trying to establish rapport with the perk with the party to whom you’re emailing so various purposes of professional email get information make request provide information make conversation what are the effects of email I’ll think about this we’re sending email we’re expecting you to have some kind of effect what effect to be aware of is first impressions Dean you may be emailing somebody with whom you have not had contact so the nature of your email is going to create their first impression of you and you want that impression to be professional a second effect of the email is that the person you’re emailing is getting to know something about you so how you communicate influences again it influences the impression that others are going to have of you and it’s going to influence your reputation among them.

Another effect of email is that we’re often creating work for people we need to be sensitive when we’re creating work for people because a lot of people are overworked and that relates to the fourth effect of email and that’s stress email because it’s often piling work on top of other work email can creep be creating stress for the people receiving it so it’s important to be aware of these various effects that email has on other person’s impressions reputation work and stress those are some of the effects of email so let’s move on to the actual content of email but what is the appropriate content of email and we can break down email into its various components probably best understood through example ok let’s move on to the content of email the content of the email is going to include information in the subject line it’s going to include a salutation and it’s going to include the body of the email message.