Essay As A Personality Showcase

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Whatever your essay topic might be I think I see it more as an opportunity to showcase personality I don’t know what do you think well uh yeah I agree because we also understand your sixteen seventeen you know years old and so understanding that age context also like yeah totally Harry Potter yeah a totally divergent I’ll talk to all day about that where do I read the books again you know what about yourself do you want us to know and I think that’s gonna be my running theme and you are gonna hear me say over and over and over again but it is that’s empowering message I hope to share with you I don’t have a preference for you should write X Y or Z it is or what I want to see what I would love to see is for you to share with me who you are from an honest genuine authentic place. There`s a lot of great essays on great topics at

Because I’m not let’s me know who is gonna be joining us here on campus who’s gonna be part of our community so share who you are and I think that’s what I know at least I appreciate it and all of the mission officers I think it goes back to like we were talking before like it is very apparent when you use it to Saurus I mean if you put like Aristotle down in your favorite books like it is going to come off kind of strange so you know foot foot foot books you don’t be scared to poke books down that you just really enjoy to read and or music that you listen to you know don’t be scared to to kind of throw the reader off-guard for a second like like actually saying about the punk rock scene like that’s cool that’s interesting that’s what people want to see the student who thought about Foucault and you are like in my spare time I love to read Foucault then that is also to be apparent in other parts of your application right so like.

Be honest with who you are and I also want to put out um like some love for the kids right so person and so I like to find my comic spirit in applications as well so it works a little like goofy or interesting in some way that you like I don’t know this is just it is my little bit of strange but it is totally me like there gonna be some of us who meet you there and like oh yeah absolutely Marvel comic yeah but don’t feel pressured to write about Marvel or diverges just because we mentioned them weird about Aristotle yeah so ultimately like what’s what’s important to you and it is okay to write about Harry Potter Harry Potter is what you really enjoy reading so no but no pressure I don’t want to really do honestly like stress out about that you concerned about that short answer especially about the books and the artists.