First Body Paragraph

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When we start our first body paragraph a transition word like foremost would be very very good the next thing you may notice is that this paragraph is actually a page long so when we go back and revise which is the next step after we finish drafting we are going to break this down into smaller paragraphs because paragraphs are not a page long so if we look over here to paragraph number two we see it’s also a page long in which we are going to have to revise we also have some mistakes in here and we also are going to move around some of these these sentences and then change some of the words when we revise but these are our first two body paragraphs okay here we have our third body paragraph okay which is more page than a paragraph but it’s supposed to be our third body paragraph and then over here we have our conclusion.

As you can see each paragraph is indented and then each paragraph has a transition okay so the last paragraph will usually say something like in conclusion or in summary or to summarize or something like that and this is where we wrap up and I would like for you to pause this video and read the essay this is where we would wrap up and restate our thesis and our examples and then give a little bit more opinion about our topic okay so I will read the final essay to you at the end in just a second here okay so after we have drafted our first draft we have all of our thoughts down now we’re going to go back and start step three of the writing process which is simply revising so we’re going to move some things around we’re going to eat work erase some words like what I found right here is instead of saying I found it interesting was the cause of the war.

I could say the reasons I found it interesting was how the war started so I am going to revise that and you will see that in the final copy of my revisions then also you want to make sure that you’re reading you’re writing to make sure and reading it out loud not in your head because reading out loud helps you hear the mistakes better you want to make sure that your writing is absolutely clear you want to make sure you include it quotes from the book and then you want to make sure that you are making your points remember those points that we wrote down when we did our pre-planning that those have to be in your essay so those should be here in your essay so after we’ve revised it we’ve changed it we’ve made some Corrections and some additions and deletions and things like that now we’re going to go back and do step four of the writing process which is edit.