Three Writing Prompts: Expository, Persuasive, Narrative Essays

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Expository Essay: Compare/Contrast
The Legend of King Arthur: “The Marriage of King Arthur”
by Sir Thomas Malory

You are a writer for a self-help magazine and have been assigned to explain a code of conduct appropriate for today. Use the list you developed earlier as the basis for your essay (include the positive and negative aspects of such a code).

First, free write about why you think a code of conduct is valuable in life. Then use this information in writing your essay. Keep in mind your audience and their needs.

Revise your essay to make sure you have included examples that support your opinion. Proofread for errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Code of Conduct

Positive Aspects (PROs) / Negative Aspects (CONs)

Persuasive Essay
The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
by William Shakespeare

Pretend that you are one of the conspirators. You must argue for or against the assassination of Julius Caesar.

Think about Caesar’s strengths and weaknesses that we have discussed in class. Examine the political conditions in Rome both before and after his assassination. Determine–given the political system then current in Rome–whether or not assassination was the only method of changing leaders.

Write an essay–in which you will present to your fellow conspirators–explaining your decision. Cite (and elaborate on) reasons for or against the assassination; give alternatives if you choose against. Pretend this is a speech that you are going to give to your fellow classmates to convince them you are right.

Close your essay with a powerful statement for support for your decision.

Notes to help you organize your thoughts:

Julius Caesar

Reasons For Assassination / Reasons Against Assassination

Narrative Essay
Fateful Encounters

Write about a time in your life when you have been frightened by someone or something. You may have been scared of noises you heard when you were alone, or perhaps you were afraid of a person or thing (such as a clown, or a figure at a haunted house), or an event.

Describe what you were frightened by and how you felt. Think about the following things:

•Were there people around you when it happened? What did they say? How did they react? Were they also scared?

•What were you feeling inside? What was going through your mind?

•Did this event or thing come as a surprise to you?

•Include as many details and sensory images as possible.

Organize your details carefully. Check that you have correct sentences, punctuation, and spelling.


Things That Have Frightened Me: / WHY It Fightened Me: